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Julie Havel Fine Art, is a studio and gallery comprised of contemporary abstract paintings created with six layers of acrylic and mixed media elements. Mixed media includes sand, crushed leaves, handmade papers, threads, textiles, oil pastels, graphite, and stucco. ARTIST STATEMENT Art is my passion and my spirit. I am a self-taught artist and I continuously experiment each day to push myself to my creative limits. As an abstract painter I create an array of organic contemporary paintings and I always approach creating from an experimental angle. My process includes five to six layers of acrylic paint and an array of textures including sand, handmade papers, crushed leaves, oil pastels, graphite, threads, glass beads, textiles and various gel mediums. Because I use different methods of paint applications including palette knives, metal rollers and imprinted plastics, there is little brushwork in my creations. I am continuously surrounded by nature’s splendor. Whether it is scuba diving, hiking, skiing or practicing yoga, I am constantly moved by nature’s beauty. My inspiration comes from the magnificence of both my home in Colorado and my experiences traveling. I hope that you enjoy my artwork as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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