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The team at Pro Active PT offers one-on-one, evidence-based and patient centered physical therapy care to individuals with a range of issues. All over the front range, Coloradoans of a variety of ages, fitness levels and interests are doing their best to stay strong, healthy and injury free. From hiking to gardening, from marathons to being able to walk without a walker, if you find yourself in need of a physical therapist, come join us at Pro Active Physical Therapy (formerly known as Front Range Physical Therapy). The team at Pro Active PT offers one-on-one, evidence-based and patient centered physical therapy care to individuals with a range of injuries, concerns, fitness levels and goals. We offer a variety of other opportunities including: weekly yoga, massage therapy and pool therapy in a local heated therapy pool; as well as a variety of services including Dry Needling and Cupping. If you have more questions or are unsure if you are a physical therapy candidate, we offer a free 15-minute consult where you can ask questions to one of our therapists directly. We are located right here in Belmar above P.F. Chang’s, come check us out or call with any questions!

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